Founded in 1951, Maruhachi Industrial Co., Ltd., a renowned manufacturer of bicycle parts with over 70 years of expertise, proudly introduced the “iWA” brand of bicycle accessories in 2014. Leveraging their rich experience and advanced skills, Maruhachi Industrial is dedicated to crafting products that boast superior performance and impeccable design. With a legacy rooted in precision engineering and a commitment to innovation, iWA continues to elevate the cycling experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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5 commitment to IWA products


1. Commitment to manufacturing for 70 years since establishment company

Many years of dealings with the largest bicycle companies “Bridistone Cycle” with reliable technology, skills and experiences.

2. Commitment to design & function

Designed by product designer for bike and interior.Easy to put,save space, adjustable for various bike, protect from tire trace to wall and floor, protect from scratch to bike and wall and floor.

3. Commitment to material

Obtain material inspection certification and select the best material.

4. Commitment to packing

Protect against scratches in transit : Minimal Clearance, Fixed with tapes, Fill a gap with paper, Use cushioning material.

5. Commitment to quality recognized by professional

Achievements provided bike stand to professional bike teams.

Experience the excellence of “Made in Japan” craftsmanship firsthand.


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A01V Special Vertical & Horizontal Bike Stand
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AED 450.00
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AED 450.00