With 30 years of industry leadership in Taiwan, we at Giyo pumps specialize in manufacturing top-quality bicycle pumps. All our pumps are meticulously designed and crafted at our own factory, ensuring unrivaled reliability. Our commitment to excellence extends to understanding the needs of our customers and consumers, enabling us to tailor features that cater to specific pump types with precision.

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Which Bike Tire Pump is Right for You?


Mini Bike Pumps

High volume and high-pressure pumping for all tire types – lightweight and portable with the latest features to get you back on the road.


Micro Bike Tire Pumps

Our new micro pumps are the smallest and lightest on the market. Easily fit in a jersey pocket or saddle pack -telescopic design for faster pumping.


Co2 Inflators

These are the perfect solution when time is critical. Includes new air flow control valve for accurate and safe pumping. Latest Product from Giyo pumps.


Mini Floor Pumps

Perfect for pressure maintenance when you are out on the trail but need accurate pressure maintenance. Fast & efficient pumping with accurate gauges.


Shock Pumps

Our durable shock pumps with micro adjustment features for precise suspension pressure maintenance, and easy to read digital and analog dials.

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