Travel Saddle Pack (with Waterproof Carrier 8L)
USP Universal Suspension Pump

Packman Handlebar Pack


Designed with a three-point attachment to reinforce overall stability, the Packman Handlebar Pack utilizes EVA foam pads that help protect against abrasion and ensure compatibility with different handlebar types.

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Roll-top IPX5 waterproof carrier allows for flexible capacity adjustments, and the two additional straps enable further attachment possibilities.

Manufactured from high density fabric and embossed with Birzman designed diamond pattern, the Packman series is both water repellent and abrasion resistant. Aesthetic-wise the earthy tone reflects the Birzman philosophy of constantly being inspired by nature, together with the pop of orange, they surely make an eye-catching collection.

Material: 420D/600D fabric (water repellent and abrasion resistant) / 250D Tarpaulin (IPX5 waterproof)

Size: Ø17 x 35cm (waterproof carrier)

Capacity: 8L (waterproof carrier)


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