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NAQI® Recovery Gel


NAQI® Recovery Gel reduces muscle fatigue and soreness after physical exercise.

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While exercising, the muscles are put under great pressure. This can result in a feeling of heaviness and fatigue, and even muscle pain. The NAQI® Recovery Gel has been developed to alleviate this heaviness and discomfort, a cream with a unique effect on recovery after a sporting effort.

NAQI Recovery Gel promotes good blood circulation, which, in turn, boosts the supply of nutrients, the removal of waste products and muscle relaxation.

Rubbing in Recovery Gel relaxes the muscles and stimulates the blood flow In addition, NAQI Recovery Gel contains various ingredients which have a positive influence on blood circulation and a calming effect on the muscles. By combining these ingredients into a cream that is applied to the skin, this product has a direct effect on the muscles. NAQI Recovery Gel thus relieves the heavy, tired feeling that follows exertion.