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The Halo Visorband is our best-selling model after the top stretch pullover design. It is based on the previous model, but adds a visor that protects from the sun and rain. Specially created to fit comfortably and prevent sweat from coming into contact with the eyes. This is thanks to our patent, Sweatblock technology and Dryline® fabric. It can be used in the practice of all kinds of sports or activities that make you sweat intensely and it is designed to go under a helmet.

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  • Sweatblock technology channels sweat towards the back of the neck, away from the face and eyes.
  • Dryline® fabric absorbs sweat and evaporates it quickly.
  • Adaptable to all types of sizes recommended for both men and women, without losing its flexibility due to continued use.
  • It remains motionless throughout our workouts.
  • 5 cm thick at the front that decreases at the back to adapt to the position of the ears.
  • It adapts perfectly under all types of helmets thanks to its low thickness.
  • Antimicrobial fabric contains silver ions that inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • Hand wash with cold water. Not dryer.