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B&W 2.0 – Hard Travel Case


Elegant design and perfect equipment combined in the 2.0

Introducing the 2.0! Successor to our and winner of the German Design Award 2018. The 2.0 not only has an award-winning design: It is equipped with a maximum of functionality, which optimally fixes and protects racing bikes and smaller mountain bikes with a frame size of up to 62 cm when travelling . The fully removable case shells make it easy to pack the bike and are particularly robust thanks to the ABS material. A self-tightening belt system reliably fixes both case shells. The case has four smooth-running wheels and is therefore particularly manoeuvrable and easy to transport. Looking for the perfect bike case? Then the 2.0 is just the thing!

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  • Case shells made of robust ABS material
  • Ideal dimensions for road bikes and mountain bikes with a frame size of up to 62 cm
  • 4 stable smooth-running castors: 2 freely rotatable by 360°, 2 fixed
  • 2 carrying handles
  • 2 pull handles
  • Self-tensioning belt system
  • 2 wheel bags size M
  • frame suspension
  • Foam block for chainring
  • chain guard
  • 2 layers of foam as frame protection
  • Foam spacers for handlebars
  • Spacers for dropouts and fork dropouts
  • foam tubes
  • Lockable with optional TSA padlock 
  • Internal dimensions: 1,150/825 x 810 x 280 mm
  • External dimensions: 1,190 x 890 x 295 mm
  • Weight: 11.7kg
  • Max. load: 15 kg

With wheel bags, frame suspension and foam layers for even more safety

The 2.0 is equipped with everything that is needed for the safe transport of each bike part. Tires are safely packed in two wheel bags size M, an integrated frame suspension ensures stable storage of the bicycle frame. Three layers of foam provide additional protection for the frame and a block of foam reliably encases the chain ring. Also included are a foam spacer for the handlebars, a chain guard and foam tubes for sensitive parts, as well as spacers for dropouts and fork ends.

Easy to pack thanks to the completely removable lid shell

A special feature of the 2.0 is the completely removable cover shell. Bicycle frames with a frame size of up to 62 cm can be easily and precisely placed in the case and securely fastened with the straps provided. Multiple layers of foam cushion the bike and provide additional protection. When closing the two case shells, they interlock at 6 points and are effectively closed with a self-tightening belt system.

Particularly manoeuvrable thanks to 4 smooth-running castors

Our 2.0 is equipped with four smooth-running wheels, which allow the bike case to be transported easily. With two 360° freely rotatable and two fixed castors, the case is particularly agile and easy to manoeuvre. Two ergonomic pull handles ensure comfortable transport. The 2.0 also has two carrying handles with which it can be easily carried over uneven terrain.


A (A1): 1190mm / 46.85 inches

W: 890mm / 35.04 inches

C: 295mm / 11.61in

A (A1) inside: 1150mm / 45.28 inch

A (A2) inside: 825mm / 32.48 inch

W inside: 810mm / 31.89 inch

C inside: 280mm / 11.02 inch