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Lubricating a chain is an essential, but often dreaded task. It can be time-consuming and often results in lubricant landing on the frame, wheels, braking surfaces, and the ground. Thanks to the No-Mess Chain Luber™ Kit every link can now be properly lubricated in seconds, without making a mess or wasting a drop.

How it works: Simply fill the No-Mess Chain luber™ with the included bottle of Epic Ride. While back-pedaling, place the applicator head on the chain and squeeze the bottle. A wicking pad in the applicator head will ensure that every link is evenly coated, without lube dripping or flying all over the place. Saves time, saves money; uses 50% less lube each time you lubricate your chain.

The No-Mess Chain Luber™ comes with two replacement wicking pads, a child-safety travel cap, and a 4oz bottle of Epic Ride.