Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge – Preparing for race day


With the Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge just a few days away, time is running out on final preparations for the big day.  Here are a few things to ensure you are race day ready.

1. Bike is race ready:

bike-maintainTo ensure that you have no unnecessary faults or breakdowns on race day, bring in your bike for our mechanics to give your bike a once over.  There is nothing worse than having a mechanical failure on race day especially after all your hours of training.  But be sure to bring your bike in early enough so that you can at least test ride it a day or two before the race, in case any further adjustments need to be made.

Even if you do not feel you need to take your bike for a minor service before the race, at least ensure your chain has been lubed, that you have no punctures and that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, and that all nuts and bolts are tightened to the correct torque.

2.  Are you Fueled by Science for race day:science-in-sport-reports-1-4m-h1-loss-as-marketing-spend-rockets

Do you have enough fuel to keep you going race day?  Even if your bike is in perfect condition for race day, you as the “engine” need to be fueled to get you through the race.  Get Fueled by Science today with SiS bars, gels, hydration and recovery for race day.  We are giving 20% off on all SiS products from 10th  – 15th December 2016.

3. Spares and accessories:

Don’t be one of those cyclist’s that believe that if you do not carry spares, then you won’t need them.  Every cyclist, whether cycling in a race or just out on a normal Al Qudra ride, should have a saddle bag with at least a spare inner tube and tyre levers, as well as a CO2 canister or two and a multi-tool.  Unfortunately you cannot prepare for every situation, but at least prepare for as much as you can so as to not ruin your race completely.

Whether you are competing in the Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge or just cycling the event for the experience, be sure to be prepared so as to enjoy your day out on the bike.

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