Rhino Revolution needs your support

The dnata Dynamos have started their efforts a little earlier this year in fund raising for Rhino Revolution and they are urging everyone to please donate whatever they can to the cause.

Rhino Revolution is tackling the escalating rhino poaching crisis with a unique three prong approach of implementing tough and innovative anti-poaching measures today, rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned calves for future release, and educating and inspiring the young people of the impoverished, local communities – the conservationists of tomorrow.

However, due to a neighbouring farm having their livestock contract an infection, Rhino Revolution has had to take urgent quarantine measures which has caused a significant drain on their funds.

Visit the dnata 4 good website (https://dnata4good.com/make-a-donation.html#wildlife-orphanage) and help Rhino Revolution continue in their anti-poaching measures, as well as rescuing and rehabilitating of orphaned rhino calves.

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