Review of the Look 765

Review of look 765The Look 765, targeting the sportive market, is a new endurance bike with a performance edge, comfortable over long distances but with a quick turn of speed when it’s time to turn up the power. The 765, having tweaked the geometry on that of its standard race bike, giving a less stretched out riding position that many people are going to find more comfortable and at its best over long rides. The sportive geometry means the Look 765 has a tall head tube, sloping top tube and longer wheelbase, for a more upright ride.

The Look 765 also aims to increase the brand’s market presence and put a Look bike within reach of a wider range of potential purchasers with its entry level model starting at AED 10 700.00 for a 105 11 speed. 

The composition of the 765 is mainly carbon as carbon provides lightness (frame 1100g Monobloc carbon frame), strength and general rigidity for the bicycle. Look has incorporated layers of linen fibre between the carbon thicknesses on the fork and chain stays to encourage the dissipation of vibrations. Another thickness of linen fibre placed around the tube inside the fork and chain stays provides better elongation properties for these tubes, again to filter micro shocks and vibrations that fatigue the cyclist. The inclusion of linen, with its vibration filtering properties, increases the bicycle’s general performance: the cyclist’s body being less loaded, all his energy will be concentrated on steering and pedaling which is a real benefit for very long, tough outings.

All cables are routed internally through the square- section tubes and there are full-carbon dropouts, this makes the cable housing end stops removable as well as making it possible to assemble the frame with a mechanical or Di2 groupset. The 765 bottom bracket is a Press Fit 30 standard (BB30), where the integration of the bearing into the frame offers longer bearing life, increased stiffness for better force transmission, and ease of fitting and removal. The asymmetric chain stays balance forces from the drivetrain, along with a tapered headset and thin forks which are also designed to further increase rider comfort.

 All in all, the Look 765 is a comfortable endurance road bike that’s capable of jumping into life when you crank up the effort.

Look 765

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