Keeping Your Ride Clean

A quick wash and lube for your bike.

Although at times it is far easier to just take your bicycle to Revolution Cycles for a quick wash and lube at a fair cost, this can’t be done after every day, where weeks easily go past before your trusty steed is given the attention it deserves.

An unclean bike is sometimes the reason for a lot of the creaks and moans you hear when out cycling, and can easily be avoided if the necessary TLC is given to your bicycle.


  • What You Will Need
    • Trigger Chain Cleaner
    • Easy Clean Brush Kit
    • Chain Lube
    • Bucket of “Wash and Shine”
    • Cloth to wipe up mess

Cleaning the Chain and Cassette:

cleaning the chain and cassette

Using White Lightning – The Trigger Chain Cleaning System, fit the
chain cleaner over the chain and while turning the crank backwards,
apply the degreaser liberally.

cleaning the chain and cassette 3

cleaning the chain and cassette 2

Use an old toothbrush or the White Lightning Easy Clean Brush Kit to scrub away the loosened grime, being sure to give the cassette and chain rings a thorough going-over as well. Once this is done, wipe chain off with a cloth.

Lubing the Chain

lubing the chain

First, give the chain a few seconds to air off for about five minutes. Start by coating the inside of the chain while peddling backwards. Then run the chain through a rag to pick up excess oil and coat the outer links.

No need to lube the cassette because the chain will lubricate the working surface for you as it goes through the gear range.

Removing Excess Lube:

removing excess lube

It is very important to remove the excess lubricant to avoid the black build up your bike gets when exposed to the elements.

Remove Rear Derailleur Housing:

Shift into the largest cog in the rear, then down shift again toward the smallest ring on the rear without turning the cranks. This relieves the cable tension (which goes into the derailleur) from its cable guides. This only works on frames with exposed cable routings. Do the same for the front derailleur.

Clean and Lube the Cables and Housing:

clean and lube cables and housing clean and lube cables and housing 2

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