Dubai certainly is the place to ride

Having seen the immense growth in cycling here in Dubai, every day I am thrilled to hear stories from everyday people who have recently re-found their love for cycling, a shared passion we all thought was pretty much gone when we moved to Dubai. Now thanks to the clarity of vision of His Highness we are all able to kindle that passion, and for many it’s a time to discover just how awesome it is to cycle here in Dubai.

If you had of said to me three years ago, that Dubai will become a cycling mecca and a place where the top pro cyclists will rate as a safe place to train, I would have thought that you are not far off the padded wagon, and yet less than two years ago the vision of one man to build cycling paths in the desert has ignited a burning desire for many ex-professional cyclists, former weekend warriors, budding Olympians and people just like you and me to get up, grab a bike, stick on some sun-screen and a helmet and ride our bikes, Dubai certainly is the place to ride.

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