dnata Dynamos cycle against Rhino poaching



Each year, the dnata Dynamos Cycle team choose a cause to raise funds for, and this year the dnata Dynamos, along with Revolution Cycles Dubai’s Stewart Howison and Nicholas Brooks will be heading to Phuket, Thailand to cycle for dnata4good in support of Rhino Revolution and Thai Children’s Trust.

Each cyclists is hoping to cycle 600km and collectively over 7000km to bring awareness about their charities of choice, Rhino Revolution and Thai Children’s Trust.  the dnata Dynamos have already raised AED 200 000.00 for Rhino Revolution, which made it possible for the foundation to purchase a new rescue vehicle for the Rhino Sanctuary.

The plight of the majestic Rhinoceros has become increasingly significant with their numbers dwindling massively each year, with 1338 Rhino’s poached in 2015 alone. Rhino Revolution is tackling the escalating rhino poaching crisis with a unique three prong approach of implementing tough and innovative anti-poaching measures today, rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned calves for future release, and educating and inspiring the young people of the impoverished, local communities – the conservationists of tomorrow.

The dnata Dyamos will start their +600km tour of Thailand on 3rd August 2016, and thRhinoRide9 (Large)ey will appreciate any and all support for their efforts.  For more details on the dnata Dynamos’ fundraising efforts and to donate to their cause you can go to https://www.justgiving.com/teams/dnataDynamos-Thailand.

If you would like more information on Rhino Revolution and how you can help in fighting against Rhino poaching, you can go to http://www.rhinorevolution.org/

Good luck to the dnata Dynamos Team, including our own Nicholas Brooks and Stewart Howison on your tour in Thailand.

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