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Justin is a dad!

Congratulations to Justin Jose (the in house accountant at Revolution Cycles Dubai) and his wife Sonia on the birth of his two beautiful twin boys, born on the 13th April 2016.

We wish you all the best of luck raising your two boys.  Know that they will bring much joy and laughter to you and your family. Hope that you have gotten enough sleep over the years as sleep is now a thing of the past.

Qualification for the first Amateur World Championships!

I ride 3-4 times a week and also teach 3 or 4 RPM spinning classes per week. I ride on Wednesday nights at the Autodrome with Cycle Safe Dubai, as well as in the road group and at Al Qudra.

Copenhagen GF was my first international race. Prior to this I have taken part only in local challenges in the UAE like Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge, Liwa and Criterium. With 1000 participants at Copenhagen and riders from 20 countries, I had no idea what to expect either from the race organisation, the course or the level of the other riders. I just had to throw myself in, use the strengths and experience gained from riding with groups in Dubai and stay focused and calm while riding to my maximum ability.

As Copenhagen GF was held in my home country I loved every part of it. The people, weather, scenery and most importantly I had my family with me as road side supporters.

I am amazed by how Dubai is continuously improving the sporting facilities in and around the city. The tracks built for cycling allow me to train safely and effectively any time of the day.

Dubai is perfect for cyclists of all levels, both male and female. Cycling is very social too and I hope to see more women take up cycling either as their hobby, exercise or at competitive levels.”

I am absolutely ecstatic and so proud to have qualified for the World Champs in Slovenia in August, in my first year of cycling. I feel very privileged to be able to travel internationally and ride with the best amateur riders in the world.

Now begins the real training and I am excited to see how much I can improve over the next 9 weeks and where I will place at the event.”

I always take the support of the cycling community in Dubai with me as I wear the Revolution Cycles jersey and will fly the UAE flag on the international stage in Slovenia in August. Wish me luck!

Sand gets everywhere!

Dubai is filled with the finest grains of sand I have ever come across, this sand is so fine that it manages to work its way into areas that would normally be considered sealed areas. The biggest issue faced by riders here is the upkeep of bottom brackets and chains. My advice is to have regular BB services a minimum of every three months or 1,500km, a regular service will help prevent unnecessary wear and tear due to sand abrasion.  The next and most important part that needs to receive regular TLC would be the chain. The chain collects sand very easily this combined with the wrong lubricant will cause you more unnecessary expense. Personally I only use White Lightning Dry Wax lube in Dubai. White Lightning actually sheds dirt and sand build up. Wet lubes collect sand and form an abrasion paste that will wear your chain and cassette rings unnecessarily.

Dubai certainly is the place to ride

Having seen the immense growth in cycling here in Dubai, every day I am thrilled to hear stories from everyday people who have recently re-found their love for cycling, a shared passion we all thought was pretty much gone when we moved to Dubai. Now thanks to the clarity of vision of His Highness we are all able to kindle that passion, and for many it’s a time to discover just how awesome it is to cycle here in Dubai.

If you had of said to me three years ago, that Dubai will become a cycling mecca and a place where the top pro cyclists will rate as a safe place to train, I would have thought that you are not far off the padded wagon, and yet less than two years ago the vision of one man to build cycling paths in the desert has ignited a burning desire for many ex-professional cyclists, former weekend warriors, budding Olympians and people just like you and me to get up, grab a bike, stick on some sun-screen and a helmet and ride our bikes, Dubai certainly is the place to ride.

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