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Get Triathlon Ready in 2018

Get Triathlon Ready in 2018

With the Ironman 70.3 around the corner, those of you that competing in this years event on 2nd February 2018, will be well into your training.  However, for those of us with FOMO, and having made the decision on the 1st on January 2018 to compete in triathlons in the 2018 season and to tackle the 2018 Ironman 70.3, here are some guidelines as to how to “crush” your first triathlon. (more…)

Get race season ready

With a month left of summer, the cooler weather just in sight and race season calling, are you as prepared as you can be to go into the season with confidence?

We can all agree that not many of us have done much training over the summer, and chosen vacationing in cooler climates over battling the loop in 40+ degree weather.  But no time like the present to get ready for race season. (more…)

Dubai Summertime Fitness

It’s officially summer and the temperatures are reaching uncomfortable highs across the UAE and GCC. But, if done smart, you do not have to give up your training regime through the summer.

Although, through the summer we all want to hibernate indoors until the cooler weather rears its head through the humidity, if you stick to these simple tips, cycling this summer could become beneficial. (more…)

Revolution Cycles Dubai does Sani2C

A hug well done to Stewart Howison and Neil Sleight of team Revolution Cycles Dubai for completing the 2017 Sani2C.

This 3 day stage race leaves from the beautiful Glancairn Farm in Himeville, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and takes teams through some of the most picturesque scenery in KwaZulu-Natal and experiencing nature at its best.  The first day was 82km long and ended at MacKenzie Country Club in Ixopo.  Day 2 saw riders spending 96km in the saddle, with the stage ending at Jolivet Farm.  The final day, although a wet and cold start was a 82km stage with the finish line on Scottburgh Beach. (more…)

Giro d’ Italia: Amore Infinito

2017 sees the 100th Anniversary of the Giro d’ Italia.  The Giro saw its first race in 1909 organised to increase sales of the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.  As the Giro gained prominence and popularity the race was lengthened, and the peloton expanded from primarily Italian participation to riders from all over the world.

Although the route changes every year, the format of the race stays the same.  This years Giro d’ Italia finishes in Milan, which was where the first edition of the Giro ended in 1909.  Further, that the final stage of the centenary edition will be an individual time trial.

With 9 stages already under the belt for the 2017 Giro d’ Italia, and 12 stages left to go before its finish on 28th May 2017; here is a breakdown of all the action so far: (more…)

Hydration for the Summer

Why hydration is important:

Managing your hydration is key to maximising your performance.  Without proper hydration, you not only hamper your performance, but you limit your training gains and prolong your recovery. With 70% of the body made up of water; water is the body’s transport medium between cells.  It allows gases to diffuse across cell membranes; lubricates joints and absorbs heat and aids in regulation of temperature.

When you sweat you not only lose water, but sodium (electrolytes) as well.  Sodium aids in the absorption of water; as such by drinking solely water, this will dilute your sodium levels leading to headaches and fainting.

Thus why the importance of replacing not just water by electrolytes as well. (more…)

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